Hello World

16 April, 2013

Hi. I intend to use this space to publish notes about technology. Configuration, solutions and stuff like that. To do this, I am using Jekyll.

When I want to create a new post I simply use the command rake post title="subject" from my jmn.github.io repository.

That creates a markdown-file (syntax) (YYYY-mm-dd-subject.md) in the _posts directory which I then edit.

I use jekyll --server to preview the page locally (at http://localhost:4000) before publishing it using the following git commands:

git add .
git commit -m "Added a new note on subject subject"
git push origin master`

Here's the Jekyll Quick start Guide and here's a Step by step guide to setting up a blog like this.

If you are using Emacs org-mode, you might find this guide to integrating Jekyll and org-mode to be of use.

I hope that someone else might find something useful here, but if not, it does not matter much, at least I might myself come back and have a look when memory fails and save myself some time.